NYC fieldwork visit and presentation at NYU InfraReg Workshop

In September 2018, Alejandro and Gavin made a fieldwork trip to New York City in order to carry out interviews with leading figures in counterterrorism work, especially in matters related to countering violent extremism ideologies and propaganda (off- and online).

They also attended a side event organized by the UN Security Council’s Counter Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) about online content moderation, in which leading CT specialists from Google, Facebook and Tech against Terrorism participated. Alejandro and Gavin also participated in a conference of the Infrastructures as Regulation project (InfraReg), at NYU’s Institute for International Law and Justice.

Gavin gave a presentation on the technicalities of travel bans established under UN Security Council sanctions regimes, focusing on the interoperability of databases between the Security Council and the aviation industry.