Global Research Network event on Terrorism and Technology

On 13 May 2019 Gavin participated in the inaugural workshop of the Global Research Network on… Read more

NYC event on public-private partnerships in global counterterrorism

On 3 May 2019 Gavin attended a Multi-stakeholder Focus Group on Public-Private Partnerships to Counter Terrorist… Read more

Gavin Sullivan’s visit to ITAM, Mexico City February 2019

As part of this collaborative research, Gavin spent some time in Mexico City in February 2019.… Read more

Other interviews

Throughout this collaborative research project, Alejandro and Gavin have numerous interviews both in person and via… Read more

NYC fieldwork visit and presentation at NYU InfraReg Workshop

In September 2018, Alejandro and Gavin made a fieldwork trip to New York City in order… Read more

‘Coalitions of the Willing and International Law’ is published

Alejandro’s book Coalitions of the Willing and International Law: The Interplay between Formality and Informality was… Read more

Alejandro Rodiles’ UK visit June 2018

From 8 – 16 June 2018, Alejandro visited Kent Law School (KLS) in the UK for… Read more